MAYBUG / Anna Duchaňová

Small Inventory 2011
performance length: 50 min
The story about the great wishes and the small maybugs
dramaturgy: Petr Pola
performed by: Anna Duchaňová, Michal Němec Jablkoň
script and direction: Anna Duchaňová
set by: Radka Mizerová

The show is suitable for kids five years old and over
A story about big wishes and small maybugs. The tastiest flavour in the universe comes to earth as food for us all. Joe Little Hen has a great culinary dream. Nela Nylon has lovely long legs. But when the maybugs, intent on world domination show up, look forward to a wild journey.
Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury, Městská část Praha 6, Nadace Život umělce

Premiere: 4.12. 2010 KC KAŠTAN, PRAHA