performance length: min
physical theatre
no language barrier
animation: Jan Zajíček
camera: Matěj Cibulka
dramaturgical support: Apolena Látalová
light design: Jan Dőrner
music: IKONA
performed by: Nora Sopková, Petr Vaněk, Jana Černá
produced by: Petr Vaněk, Dominik Blachut

Battle is a Reaction in Empathy with the Act, which Keeps adding to My Yearnings arising from Human games of Evolution; Adrenalin and pleasuRe tranform the silenTProvocativeness of Love which ends in extreme Error; the impending Adaptation to new surroundings; an impending dual reaching a Summit.“

A web of stories, individuals and meetings related in movement, animation, music and light.

Nora Sopkova´s new performance, as with her previous
works (BEZ NÁZVU, APNIE / NO TITLE, APNIA), is a study in human nature.
In the performance Break my Heart, Please! 3 characters appear onstage
(2 women and 1 man). They have been chosen at random from the crowd, and
with a certain self-assuredness, they bring to life certain “model” ways of living. On the surface they derive from these divergent, personal
fragments of male-female-female relationships. Where in this evolving
story are the bounderies of mutual harmony and where do they dissolve
into conflict? The onstage action is complemented by abstract animation interconnected with the characters’ stories on tocreate the piece’s structure. Together with the music
and light design, everything blends into a singular form which captures
the intricate, live-giving network of our bonds to each other.

„The icing on top of the Thalia Muse's cake is a new group from the youngest generation – physical, language-free Theatre XXL. I belong to the generation, which grew up with theatre full of sensibility. The pioneer of such theatre was HaDivadlo from Brno. Theatre XXL is new and very meaningful descendant of HaDivadlo.
Stories full of magic and fantasy!“ (J.P. Kříž, Právo)
The project was supported by the Czech Ministery of Culture and coproduced by Alfred ve dvoře – Motus o. s.
Thanks for support to the partners: Michael Samuelson Lighting Prague s.r.o.,Carhartt, Cross Club, Metrostav, Kpr. Print, Radio 1.