performance length: 55 min
dance theatre performance

The theme of the production is a battle for the uniqueness which all of us carry inside us. We watch the story of a woman from childhood to maturity, the story of a fight for freedom, of freeing oneself from binding social rank. The message of the project is to free a person from their own confines and to arouse in them a confidence in their inner voice. All the Only One is accompanied by live music of cellist Anna Bubnikova and guitar player Pavol Smolarik. The hand-animated projection, an idea of Vladimir Nemecek, is not purely decorative but at certain moments becomes an essential acting partner. Adela Stodolova says: “Though corsets and armour which belong in the nineteenth century, for me they are also symbols which still work, they just look different. Today we are perhaps tied up with various magazines and ideals of beauty, but these do not stimulate me as much as the old models”. The Prague Post, Lizzy le Quesne: “Stodolova´s striking persona and movement on the stage together with two live musicians and some surreal lighting effects and props, promise to create a powerful and dreamlike atmosphere. This sincere and ambitious work from a young artist should make for an intriguing evening”.